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Ezkoms works with local governments to significantly reduce pressure on their help desks while citizens rely on an always available source of truth that eases their anxiety.

We believe in a customer-centric approach that reduces search time, removes complexity and helps citizens find the information they need. With 50% of people abandoning a search if they’re unable to quickly find answers, it’s vital that governments incorporate conversational search in their crisis communication strategy. Providing the right information quickly and accurately about COVID-19 will save lives and help us all stay safe.

COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions Guide

Providing citizens with answers to their most common questions is easy thanks to a simple click-based assistant. The FAQ guide prompts citizens with a series of questions and recommends the best source of information on their needs. Removing the need for a help desk interaction.

Try a live demo:

The Conversational Experience

Citizens can interact with a chat-like assistant that never turns off and can answer any of their questions.
They will be led to the resource relevant to their queries and concerns.

Check out how the city of Aalter assist their citizens:

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Afterwards, you can also add specific Q&A and tailor it to your community

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