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Due to COVID-19, local governments have seen a 100% increase in inquiries to their help desks, putting an enormous strain on employees and hindering the ability to adequately respond to citizens.

Ezkoms is the solution to take away this pressure by offering 24/7 real time information at a fraction of the operational cost that it would require a customer service agent to answer all the questions

The Ezkoms COVID-19 assistant helps local governments effectively manage this crisis and helps them efficiently communicate in 3 crucial ways:

  • Around the clock staff and citizen support
  • Combines information from the most reliable and trustworthy sources
  • Alleviates staff anxiety and equips them with the ability to cope

Using Ezkoms is providing the information that saves lives in your community.

Conversational Search Technology

As a Zoovu company, Ezkoms is backed by the leaders in conversational search experiences. Together, we have been solving the search problem across industries and are always optimizing our algorithms through our work for customers like Amazon, 3M & Ingersoll Rand. This enables Ezkoms to be a powerful information search tool for local governments to effectively communicate and help their citizens.

A powerful language model

Ezkoms has developed a proprietary language model that allows our digital assistants to have a natural conversation. Using natural language processing (NLP) technology, the assistant recognizes the intents of the person asking a question and uses that to ask additional questions or to provide an answer. 

Topic expertise

Our content support team is constantly working on this topic for local governments worldwide. We are experts in knowing what questions citizens are asking and where to find the answers.

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