Solving your communication crisis and keeping your citizens safe 24/7

Dealing with crisis communication in an unprecedented situation
of life and death

The coronavirus crisis has an unprecedented impact on local governments and their staff. Equipped only with the resources for normal life situations, your teams are now facing the biggest health crisis of this century. Citizens live in fear and anxiety and look for guidance on what they can and cannot do. It is absolutely vital that communication teams find a way to deal with this elevated need for information and anxiety, and to effectively keep citizens safe and informed during this crisis. They only have access to traditional communication channels such as phones, emails and static web pages. Being able to help and support citizens fast is a key priority, particularly in this situation of life and death.

Efficient communication throughout this crisis

Ezkoms is offering help to alleviate pressure and stress from your teams and efficiently service your citizens. You are able to manage this crisis better and up hold your civic responsibilities by:

  • Ensuring no citizen is left behind in an isolation of uncertainty
  • Helping your teams effectively cope with requests
  • Removing pressure for your communication teams
  • Keeping your constituents informed and safe 24/7
  • Relieving citizen anxiety by providing them with up to date COVID-19 information

Keeping your citizens informed in times of crisis

An easy solution for you and all citizens

The Ezkoms solutions support your communications team during the COVID-19 crisis with 3 key advantages:

Keep citizens informed

Remove pressure on government employees by immediately and automatically addressing citizen inquiries and concerns 24/7.

Live and relevant information

Help citizens navigate the rapid changes of the crisis by providing global, regional and local level information all in one place.

Plug & Play

Ezkoms is connected to the most up to date, government official sources with no added effort from your teams. Your citizens live and reliable information.

How Aalter helps their citizens

The Ezkoms solution is live and providing crisis communication in the city of Aalter, Belgium, where they provide daily COVID-19 information to all citizens. Using the fully conversational interface, the citizens of Aalter have a digital conversation and receive instant answers to their questions. They feel more safe, less anxious and assured the city is keeping them informed. Ezkoms is the main coping mechanism for employees to efficiently support the citizens of Aalter during the COVID-19 crisis.

Our team is there for you

Ezkoms, a Zoovu company, works with local governments to help provide conversational solutions developed to significantly reduce pressure on help desks while citizens rely on an always-available source of truth that eases their anxiety. We will support you through these challenging times with best practices and guidance to ensure your assistants are constantly up to date to keep your citizens informed.

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